When does Trump get a pass on climate change?

The Trump administration is giving green groups a pass when it comes to climate change policy, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said.

“We know that we’re not going to solve the climate problem if we’re going to ignore it,” Scott Pruitt told a panel of conservative energy leaders on Thursday, as he urged them to push for the use of fossil fuels.

“The science is clear.

We’re not changing the climate, the science is plain and simple,” Pruitt told the group at the American Petroleum Institute (API) in Washington.”

And I’m very confident that the president understands this,” Pruitt said.

“The science isn’t settled, the data isn’t definitive, the models aren’t working, the evidence isn’t compelling.”

“But you know what?

It’s still not settled,” he added.”

You’re going forward with policies that are not going in the direction of addressing climate change.”

The administration has been criticized for ignoring climate change.

In the US, the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) released a report last year saying that while the US is on track to hit its carbon dioxide emission reduction goal, its emissions from fossil fuels remain far higher than the global average, with emissions still rising.

“Trump and the rest of the Trump administration have no intention of addressing the climate crisis,” said EDF Executive Director Peter Brimelow.

“Instead, they have just given green groups and the fossil fuel industry an out.”

On Tuesday, Trump’s top energy adviser, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, said the administration should focus on the economy and the environment, adding that the US needs to “focus on what is the biggest problem” and move to reduce emissions.

“Climate change is a national security threat,” Perry said at the White House.

“This is a crisis of the economy that we have to confront.”‘

Not going to happen’Trump is expected to nominate Pruitt as head of his agency in a confirmation vote next week.