MMB sterlite technology for storage and data redundancy, data-intensive services

The company that makes MMB’s Sterlite storage systems is developing an energy-efficient storage system for the next generation of storage.

MMB has been working with companies like GE, Panasonic, and Siemens on storage- and data-heavy applications that will be useful in industries like energy, health care, and transportation.

This latest project is focused on energy storage, as MMB thinks that the data needs of data-hungry applications can be met with energy-efficiency, power-efficient, and/or data-secure storage solutions. 

MMB has made significant progress in its efforts to address data-storing issues.

The company is now working with GE to create a new product to be called the MMB Sterlite.

MGB’s Sterlites have two different types of storage: a traditional magnetic disk, and an advanced liquid-metal storage. 

According to MMB, the new MMB Storage System will be capable of storing data from one to three terabytes, with a capacity of 10 terabytes.

This new product is targeted at the storage of large-scale, data intensive data. 

In a recent blog post, MMB said that the new Sterlite will have two storage modes: an optical drive and a solid-state storage unit. 

The new MGB Sterlite is expected to have a capacity to store data up to 10 terabyte, with an expected lifetime of 10 years. 

While the company’s product has not been formally unveiled yet, it is expected that it will have a product launch next year.