MMB: mmb-sensors is a sensor-based system

MMB, the makers of the Mmb sensors, has unveiled the latest in their sensor-backed IoT project.

The company, which is part of a new IoT cluster, has created an SDK to allow developers to build sensors and devices for MMB sensors.

The SDK is based on an open source project that enables developers to embed MMB sensor data in a range of different IoT devices.

The Mmb sensor SDK is available to the public, and can be used to build the devices MMB is targeting with the SDK.

The team has also been working on an API for developers to use in their projects to embed the sensor data into their IoT applications.

“It’s not that MMB has just developed this SDK for this sensor.

They have done a lot of work on this,” said Ramesh Gupta, founder and CEO of MMB.

“This SDK has been developed and validated by our partners.

It’s open source, it’s easy to integrate it in our products, and it’s very easy to use with the existing SDK.”MMB is a small company with offices in India and Australia.

The group is primarily focused on building IoT devices, and the company is not yet targeting the enterprise market.

However, they are focusing on the IoT market, which could open up a lot more revenue for them.

MMB says that the SDK is a good way for the team to keep up with the rapidly changing IoT market.

“As the market for sensors increases, we see that the needs of developers are becoming ever more diverse,” Gupta said.

“The need for the SDK to support IoT devices will expand as new platforms, sensors and software evolve, and with new devices that we create and add to the ecosystem.”