What you need to know about the new Samsung Smart Home Smart Home system

By: Nick Smith/ESPN Cricinfo Samsung SmartHome Smart Home is a connected home system that is set to debut at CES 2017.

The system consists of four modules, each with its own smart home app.

The first module is called the Smart Home Hub.

The Hub uses the Samsung Smart Hub app, which provides access to a number of sensors including temperature, humidity, and motion sensors, as well as a slew of other sensors.

The sensor array is the main component in the system.

The Samsung Smart Nest thermostat has been updated to version 1.2.1.

The app has been improved, and can now recognize your thermostats settings.

Samsung has also updated the Smart Nest app to reflect the latest version of Nest thermoregulation.

The Nest app has also added a new feature, which lets users monitor their Nest thermonuclear thermostatic setting for temperature and humidity.

The second module is the Smart Hub.

This module contains a bunch of sensors that include motion, temperature, and humidity sensors.

These sensors are located in the upper-left corner of the Smart TV screen.

The third module is The Nest Smart Controller.

This is the controller app for the Nest thermo thermostator.

It includes several different sensors for temperature, ambient temperature, wind, and moisture sensors.

The Smart Hub can also recognize your Nest thermosensor settings, which includes the thermostation settings for each thermostatically configured unit.

The thermostating settings can be changed with a button on the smart home interface.

The controller app can also monitor your thermonautal temperature, humidity, and wind settings.

The fourth module is known as the Smart Remote.

This device allows you to control your Nest system remotely with voice commands, with voice recognition, or through a virtual assistant.

The Alexa-enabled Nest app can access this system remotely and listen to your voice commands.

The new Smart Home devices are connected via Bluetooth 4.0, and will be available for purchase in the coming months.