Dyson technology, which makes solar panels, can help reduce CO2 emissions

Dyson Technologies, a maker of the company’s solar panels and a maker and supplier of the air purifiers used by thousands of homes, is in the final stages of a new trial with a pilot program to sell the technology in homes and businesses.

The trial is part of a pilot project to see if a solar power system that uses natural gas as the power source could be used to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by homes and small businesses.

In Canada, homes and business emit approximately one tonne of CO 2 a year, while the United States is the biggest CO 2 emitter.

“Our goal is to help homeowners and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the CO2 in their homes,” said Doug Hogg, senior vice-president of business development at Dyson, in a statement.

“Dyson is committed to working with communities to achieve our long-term goal of reducing CO2.”

The Dyson solar power systems can be purchased at home or business.

The solar panels are used to produce power in a controlled way that allows the electricity to be used for heating and cooling, heating and ventilation, or other purposes.

Hogg said the company was also looking at the use of other forms of energy, such as electric vehicles.

Dyson is also looking into using solar panels on commercial property.

“We’re looking at all of the different forms of the technology, and we’re not only looking at residential, but commercial, too,” said Hogg.

Dyrons technology can be applied to almost any type of energy system, he said.

“Solar power is a big energy resource, and as we’ve got a growing number of consumers and businesses that are trying to be smart about their energy use, it’s very important that they have the right systems.”

Dyson Solar Power Systems are available to order online through the company.

The pilot program started with a demonstration in Ottawa, and it is planned to expand to other cities over the next few months.

“This pilot program is a great opportunity to understand how Dyson’s technology can work to reduce CO 2 emissions in homes,” Hogg added.