Why is the BBC changing its stance on the ‘magnificent’ technology?

The BBC is taking a more progressive approach to its business and its approach to technology, as it prepares to launch a new brand in 2019, according to its head of news, Jonathan Head.

In an interview with the BBC World Service, Head said that the BBC would be “looking for innovative ways to connect audiences with content and services”.

The BBC will introduce its new brand of News, Sport and Current programmes, alongside the launch of the new online news channel, the BBC News website, and a new app.

“We are moving towards the kind of innovation and storytelling that will help us create new, richer, more engaging content for people around the world,” Head said.

“There’s an opportunity to use technology to help us deliver those things, and it is really exciting to see how the BBC is trying to take that approach.”

News, Sports and Current will run on BBC iPlayer, and the new app will be available on Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation 4 and Amazon Fire TV.

It will also have a similar launch to the BBC’s News website and app.

It’s unclear what exactly the new BBC News app will look like, but Head said it would be a “full-stack” app that will offer a full suite of news and information, and that it would also offer a wide range of interactive content.

He added that the app would be made by the BBC Media and Digital Group, and will include “real-time content from the BBC and BBC Sport”.

“The news and current programmes we’re offering in the new news and sports channel are very ambitious,” Head added.

“What you can expect to see is that we’ll be working with the creative team to bring you something you can get out of your TV set.”

The new BBC Sport app will launch in October 2019.

The News website will launch next year, and Head added that there would be further changes to the News website.

“The News website is a hugely important part of our brand, it’s part of the fabric of our business and is part of who we are,” Head told the BBC.

“This will be a great place for us to be.”

The BBC’s new BBC Sports app will have “real time” content, similar to the current BBC Sport website, including highlights and analysis.

The new News website also has live scores and results from competitions, with the new site launching in October 2020.