Why mmb is going after shale gas companies

MMB Technologies is launching a new company to explore the shale gas market and its potential for energy.

The company, called MMB Solar, aims to explore and develop new and novel energy technology to meet the increasing demand for solar power in the U.S. and around the world.

The startup, which was founded by entrepreneur Michael B. Birtles, said it has received funding from the Charles G. Koch Foundation, the George Soros Fund, the Uptown Foundations, and the New York City Public Library.

MMB, which is based in Austin, Texas, has already invested $2 million in the venture, the company said.

The firm said it will begin conducting research on potential new solar energy technologies, which could be developed in a variety of geographies.

Mmb Solar is the first company to be spun off from MMB.

The founder of MMB is Michael Birtle, a billionaire and founder of the hedge fund MMB Capital.

MGB Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in emerging companies, will invest in MMB as well, the startup said.

“We’re excited to be working with a company that’s bringing innovative technology to the marketplace,” Birties said in a statement.

“MMB has the experience, vision, and ability to help us realize the vision for MMB solar.

MIB is focused on making solar energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels and is committed to developing a scalable solar energy solution.”

MMB said the new company will focus on exploring and developing new energy technologies that are “consistent with the solar energy revolution,” which will be based on the use of solar thermal, geothermal, and photovoltaic technologies.

The solar energy technology is based on thermal solar panels, which convert sunlight to electricity.

M MB said it expects to receive funding from “multiple sources.”

“We look forward to investing in our team of solar and energy entrepreneurs and expanding our portfolio of technologies,” Bierts said.

M mb said it is also looking to partner with other companies to build the technology.

M mmb Solar’s founders have previously invested in Mmb, including former cofounder John E. Kestler, who founded the hedge funds MMB Partners and MMB Global Partners.

Mmmb’s initial product will focus primarily on “a new generation of energy solutions and services,” the company added.

“The core technologies in this platform will be developed and evaluated in an open, transparent manner to support a wide range of customers and investors.”

The startup said the solar power technology will be able to power “up to 1,000 homes.”

Mmb said that it expects its technology to be available for sale in the second half of 2019.

The new company said it plans to invest $5 million in Mmbs Solar over the next two years.

The MMB team said the startup will also look to partner up with other “solar energy” companies.

M Mmb has been involved in several other venture investments, including the investment in the startup Mmb Energy Solutions.

In April, Mmb announced that it had entered into a long-term, $1.5 billion agreement to acquire Mmb Global Partners, which includes companies including SolarCity, SunPower, and SunPower Solar.

MMBA was formed in 2016 to focus on “energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions” to reduce the cost of energy and to make electricity more affordable.

It is also focused on creating the next generation of smart, connected homes.

The founders of Mmb have previously made a number of investments in energy companies.

In December, MMB and its investor-owned subsidiary, Mmba Energy, announced they had signed a $1 billion agreement for a 50% stake in a new solar installation project in Texas.

In February, MMW, the parent company of Mmoba Energy, and Mmb agreed to acquire the energy storage company Green Energy Solutions, which has solar-power capabilities.

MMW and Mmab also agreed to buy a stake in the energy technology company SunPower Energy Solutions in October 2016 for $350 million.

Mbmab is one of the biggest companies in the shale oil and gas industry.

The technology was developed by the company’s founder, Michael Berenson.

MBM was formed by Berensson and Berenstrom, who co-founded MMB in 2001.

MMMBA is the second startup to announce its intention to invest in solar energy in the past year.

Solar Energy Solutions last year bought a 49% stake from Mmb.

The venture invested in the company to create an “energy solution that is affordable and scalable for the global power grid.”

The Solar Energy Systems Group is a consortium of companies, including Mmaba Energy, Mbm Solar, MMba Energy Solutions and MMMB Energy, which MMB has partnered with to create solar-energy solutions.

SolarEnergy Systems Group will also help