How to know when the Miami Dolphins’ football team is coming out of the locker room and onto the field?

When you hear the word “football,” you probably don’t expect the Dolphins to get into the game.

But that’s exactly what happened Monday night against the New York Giants.

The Dolphins came out of their locker room with a win and a first-half score.

The Dolphins were outscored 19-0 in the first half, which was the worst first half scoring average in the NFL.

It was a pretty big deal for the Miami team.

It meant that they were in the mix for a playoff spot and that they would be the first team to get to the playoffs since the New Orleans Saints in 1996.

That was the only team to have the same record for the entire season.

The Saints finished with a 16-5 record, the best record in the league that year.

But when the Dolphins got into the locker rooms after halftime, there was a huge change.

The team was completely out of rhythm.

Miami trailed 20-0 early in the second half.

The team was on a mission to take down the Giants.

So, the Dolphins decided to use the timeout and come out of it with a big win.

It’s unclear how long the timeout went on, but ESPN’s Todd McShay reported that it lasted about 5 minutes.

That gave the Dolphins a big boost.

The first half was over in a few minutes.

That gave the team time to rest up and prepare for the second quarter.

But the team couldn’t get going and had to go back out to the lockerroom for the fourth quarter.

It wasn’t just that the team didn’t play great.

They didn’t have a ton of talent.

There wasn’t a lot of upside.

Miami was just one of three teams that were in a tie for the worst record.

There was also an injury to star wide receiver DeVante Parker.

That left a void in the secondary, which led to a big drop in the scoring average.

So, the Miami offense didn’t score many points.

It had to work to find the open receivers in the red zone, but they couldn’t do much with the ball.

The Giants offense was also one of the better offenses in the NFC South.

They were able to take advantage of the Dolphins inability to score and put up points.

But, the Giants had a lot more talent.

They had some big plays in the passing game and in the run game.

The Giants offense put up big numbers on the ground, which helped Miami win the game on the road.

If the Dolphins had won the game and went to the Super Bowl, the season would have been over.

But they did enough to get in the playoff race.

They still had to win the NFC East to make the playoffs, but if they could keep the Dolphins out of first place, the rest of the NFC could be pretty easy.

Miami finished with only four wins in their first 10 games, but it’s not like they were going to go 0-12 all season.