Which firms have the best technology?

MMB Technologies, the nation’s largest supplier of energy storage technology, announced on Monday it had hired a former senior executive at General Electric to join its engineering group.

MMB said it was making an offer to MMB, the world’s largest energy storage company, for a senior executive who had been a vice president of advanced technology.

The company said the offer was for three years at a salary of $180,000 and would be a full-time position.

“We believe that our new executive will bring the leadership and technology expertise we have gained through the past six years to help guide MMB’s growth strategy in a new way,” MMB chief executive Scott Pritchard said in a statement.

Pritchard has been the chief executive of MMB since December 2013 and took over as CEO in April.

He had been chief technology officer of MGB, the maker of the MMB PowerCore battery.MMB is one of the biggest players in the energy storage industry, providing equipment and supplies for utilities, large-scale generators, and grid operators.

Last month, it hired former GE chief technology Officer Chris Bailor to join the engineering team.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it had entered into a deal with a Chinese consortium to develop and build the world-first, lithium-ion battery, known as the MOBX, which will be used for storing solar energy.