Microsoft Dynamics 365 service shut down after Microsoft Dynamics security breach

Microsoft Dynamics, a productivity suite used to help people manage their workflows and access information, has been shut down by Microsoft after a security breach, the company announced Tuesday.

The company confirmed that the service, which is used by employees to manage workflows, was shut down due to “a vulnerability.”

Microsoft said it had been unable to determine the cause of the vulnerability.

The vulnerability was reported in May by security researchers at Symantec and Trend Micro, who said they discovered that Microsoft Dynamics was vulnerable to a SQL injection attack.

Microsoft had not previously disclosed the vulnerability publicly.

Microsoft said that it would offer additional help for those affected by the security breach to resolve the vulnerability, which it said had been fixed.

Microsoft Dynamics also provides a service for corporate applications, and it is used to manage documents and other files in Office 365.

The breach is the latest security incident to hit Microsoft in recent months, and comes amid a heightened focus on data security on both corporate and personal levels.

Microsoft has faced criticism for not addressing the issues more quickly and more aggressively.

In July, security researchers revealed that the company was failing to properly secure the security of information stored on its cloud service Azure.

In September, a group of researchers published a report claiming that the Microsoft Outlook Web App was vulnerable.