How to build a mobile web without Facebook

mmb technology, a startup founded by two former Google engineers, is building a platform for making mobile apps more robust and powerful.

The company announced Wednesday that it’s launching a beta program that allows developers to develop mobile apps for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others without having to fork over a huge amount of cash.

The mobile-first platform is called Density, and it lets users upload and share their own photos, videos, or even games that can be run on the server and then run on any device that supports the platform.

Users will also be able to interact with other users through the app, which allows them to share screenshots, share videos, and send messages.

The app also integrates social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as more traditional sites like Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

mmb’s CEO, Mike McCauley, told the New York Times that he’s excited to see developers making mobile-optimized apps.

The new platform will allow users to upload and send images, videos and games, and then connect to other users and share photos, video, or games.

“We’re excited to have this new product available to our customers, and we’re confident that we’ll have a very successful launch,” McCauleys told the Times.