How to create a secure MMB network and set it up for the future of mobile payments

The security of mobile payment networks has been a big focus of the industry.

A number of new technologies have emerged that are designed to help keep your mobile payments secure, but it’s still not a seamless process.

Here’s how you can set up a secure, MMB-powered mobile payment network, set up your bank, and use your credit card to pay for your stuff.


Install the MMB plugin mmb plugin install-mmb-plugin mmb-plugins If you want to set up the MIB plugins, make sure you install the latest version.

The latest version is 1.2.0, and it is included in the MmbSetup plugin, which you’ll need for setting up the plugins.

The MMB plugins are built into the Android operating system, so you should be able to install them with a single command.


Create a new MMB account mmb create mmb user name password password_encrypt mmb_password Create a MMB user account, which will be the person you’ll be paying with your credit cards.

You can use this person’s existing account if you want, but you won’t be able create a new one.

For this purpose, you’ll also need a credit card, which is the first step.


Create your MIB account mib create mib user name account_username Open the account’s password protected web interface and enter the new user name and password you just created.


Create and manage your account  mib create user name mib_account_username account_password mib generate account_id Enter the new account password in the form you just used to create the account.


Log into your MMB service mmb login You can now use the MGB service to pay with your cards and use it to pay at checkout.


Pay with a credit or debit card mb pay mb_pay Choose your payment method and enter your new account’s account_key and account_secret .


Pay in MIB on your mobile device mbc pay mbc_pay mb create mbc user name user_name_password account_name account_pass_encryption For a payment, the MBC Pay app will create a unique MIB user account and a MIB card.


Pay using your mobile wallet mbtpay mbt_pay user_account user_password_password user_secret_password pay_method pay_type payment_type_wallet_credit_credit mbt Pay will then prompt you to enter the credit card number.


Set up your debit card for your MBC account dmc debit mbc debit_balance dmc_balance_amount mbc set debit_account debit_credit Set up a debit card with your MBO, or debit account, so that it’s charged on your MDB account.


Pay for your purchases with your debit or credit card dcb pay mcb_pay dcb_debit_balance pay_amount pay_time dcb Pay will automatically update your balance to reflect the new transaction, and you’ll see it on your transaction log.


Make payments on your bank account with your mobile phone dba pay mba_pay bank_card_balance Add your MB debit card to your bank balance, so it can be used for paying with a debit or a credit Card.


Transfer money from your MAB to your MBA mbb transfer mba money_to_bank_account mb transfer_to bank_account Transfer funds from your mobile bank account to your account with a MBA.

You’ll need to have the MBA account to complete the transaction.


Use your mobile card reader to make payments on other MIB accounts dbc read mbc write mbc read_card dbc write_credit card_card Make a payment with a mobile payment card reader using the MAB plugin.


Make a phone call to your mobile account with the MDB plugin dba call mdb_call Send a phone message to your new MIB mobile account.

You won’t see the MBO’s account balance in your transaction history, but the transaction log will show the amount that was transferred to your card.


Make another payment using your MOB and transfer your balance from your card to the MOB.

dbf transfer mob_transfer Transfer your balance on your debit and credit cards to your debit/credit card.