Dynamatic Technologies MMB announces ‘sternlite’ cloud services

Dynamatic Systems MMB, the company behind MMB SmartThings, is rolling out its first “stern” cloud service that allows customers to control and monitor a wide variety of devices remotely.

The company said on Wednesday it had started rolling out “sterc” and “stever” services, which allow customers to set up a cloud account to control a wide range of smart devices and appliances.

Dynamatic Technologies CEO Chris Riddell said the new service would help the company improve its products, adding the company was also developing “stert” and the “stec” cloud services.

“The company has a range of products in the marketplace and is now rolling out these services,” he said.

Mr Riddett said the company’s “stem” cloud storage service, called Stem, would be available later this year.

Stem is an on-demand storage solution for smart devices.

It is designed to be an open platform that allows anyone to build their own on-premises application server, and also provide the functionality and flexibility to add third-party applications.

The new service will allow users to connect their devices to the Stem cloud and use it to monitor, manage, and access information and devices remotely, Mr Riddott said.

Mr Ridell said Stem would allow customers the ability to control their devices remotely without the need to log in to a website.

He said customers could also share their devices, which could then be controlled by a third party, via “stebo” or “stereo” services.

The new Stem service will be available to customers in Australia in the coming months.

In the US, Amazon has also launched its own “sterm” cloud platform, called “Stem2”.

Amazon’s Stem2 service is currently available in the US for $59.99 a year and allows customers the option to control up to 10 devices at once.

Mr Pemberton said while the “Sterm” services were available in Australia, the Stebo and “Stereo”, were not yet available to users in Australia.

However, he said the companies were working on bringing them to Australia, and that the Sterm2 cloud service would be ready in time for the launch of the Stedman cloud service.

Asked about the availability of the “Stebio” and Stereo services in Australia he said they were “committed” to getting the services to the market, and would provide more details on their availability later in the year.