SAP is launching a new SAP IoT platform: Sterlite Technologies

SAP is introducing a new IoT platform designed to allow SAP to integrate with third-party companies that use SAP’s software-defined data services to deliver their services.

The platform is a part of SAP’s new Cloud Platform initiative, which seeks to accelerate SAP’s ability to deliver cloud-based services for enterprise customers.

The platform, which SAP announced last week, includes a suite of SAP IoT services that will allow SAP’s customers to interact with SAP’s cloud-powered solutions.

The services are designed to provide a richer set of capabilities than the standard SAP IoT suite, according to SAP, and are intended to complement existing cloud offerings, including SAP Cloud Suite and SAP IoT Suite.SAP said the new platform will support IoT in two key ways.

The first is through an SAP IoT app, which will let SAP customers interact with existing SAP IoT solutions.

This app, dubbed the SAP IoT Hub, will be built on the SAP Cloud Platform and will support the standard IoT services for the SAP platform.

Sap said the second way the platform will work is through SAP IoT Platform, a suite that can run directly on the cloud and can be used to connect SAP IoT apps directly to SAP IoT devices.

This includes using a combination of SAP Cloud and SAP Platform apps.

For SAP’s IoT service, the company will create a new product called the SAP Connective IoT Platform (CIP) that will be a standalone service.

This will enable SAP IoT customers to create their own SAP IoT applications, and it will provide an interface to integrate IoT devices with existing applications.

Samp said the CIP will be available for download in the second half of this year, which is expected to coincide with the release of SAPs cloud platform, the SAP Platform.

It is expected that SAP will also roll out the Cip to other SAP IoT products, such as SAP IoT Enterprise, SAP IoT Access and SAP Cloud Service.

Samps cloud platform is expected be launched later this year.

SAP said the company expects to have more information about the Cipp in the future.