How to stop hackers and get the money back

A Florida couple says hackers took $3,000 from their bank account, then spent more than a year getting the money returned.

The couple, who were married in 2009, say they never got a refund.

They say they were forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines, interest and other penalties for their bank’s actions.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis said Monday that the couple’s bank account was frozen for six months after the thieves took the money from their account.

The bank said the couple tried to contact the bank’s customer service line, but it was blocked.

It said the bank did not give them a call back for three months.

In January, the bank reversed course and restored the account.

But it did not make them refund the money, which they said was a “mistake.”

The couple said the theft of money from the couple was the last straw.

“The bank was never going to pay me the money,” said Robert.

“It was a mistake, it was a terrible mistake, and it took forever to get it back.”

They’re seeking $1 million in damages.

The Washington Post is not naming the bank because it is part of the U.S. government.

The Associated Press did not name the bank for privacy reasons.