Dynamatic Technology to be introduced to India by MMB Sterlite in the next two years

Dynamical Technology to have a Phase II clinical trial in India in the first half of 2017, according to a company statement today.

The company said the trial will be conducted in Bangalore.MMB Sterla is one of the three companies that together constitute the MMB Group, a conglomerate that operates various large-scale technology firms.

The three companies are listed on the India Stock Exchange (ISA) and MMB was last listed on June 15, 2016.

Mmb Sterla will offer its new patented technology as a “minimal” cost solution for hospitals, the statement said.

The technology will offer faster delivery of patients to their beds, and be used by hospitals as a means of managing high volume of patients and managing costs of their patients.

The test is aimed at developing a “minimum” cost of Rs. 6.75 per day for use by M&M-based hospitals, it said.

MMB said it is in discussions with the Government of Karnataka and others to implement the test in the State.

M&M Group said the company has been actively engaged with the government of Karn, to implement Phase I trials.

It said the test is not a product that will be available in the market.

M&MM is a wholly owned subsidiary of MMB Technologies Pvt.


M MB Technologies Pvts.

Ltd, which is part of the M&MC Group, is a technology firm based in Bangalore and a leader in the field of modular medical equipment and diagnostic imaging.

M MB Technologies is a subsidiary of the company M&Ms Group Pvt Ltd.

The M&MP Group is a division of M&MB Technologies, and is a joint venture with M&MD.