Boeing unveils new aircraft, new aircraft model at the MMB event

NEW YORK — Boeing announced Tuesday that it will open its new Advanced Technology Manufacturing facility in China to build the 737 MAX MAX, its next generation of small passenger aircraft.

The 737 MAX is the world’s smallest airliner.

Boomerang Boeing is unveiling the new MAX at the China Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (CAED) in Beijing on Thursday.

At the event, the company will show off its new 737 MAX aircraft, including its next-generation 737 MAX model, and discuss the company’s future with the Chinese government.

A 787 Dreamliner that was first unveiled in 2013.

 Boenging says the 737 Max will be its largest aircraft, but the new model will not be as big as the 787.

This new MAX will be the largest 737 model and will be built in China, the Boeing spokesperson said.

“The new MAX is going to be a tremendous step forward in the 737 line-up,” said Bob Gualtieri, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

It is the company second major project to be built at China Aerospace.

In October, the Beijing-based company announced it would build the 777X, the world first non-stop transcontinental passenger jet.

With the 737MAX, Boeing will be able to build airplanes that can carry up to 3,300 people and carry cargo at low speeds.

But the company has yet to say how much it will cost to build a 737 MAX.

The first 737 MAX, the 737-400, was unveiled in 2003.

According to Boeing, the MAX is designed to carry up 20 passengers and 3,000 pounds of cargo and carry a maximum speed of Mach 1.2.

The MAX is also able to fly with the latest in aerodynamic technology.

As the world moves toward a future of low-cost, high-capacity commercial aviation, Boeing has been investing heavily in its aircraft design.

On Wednesday, the aircraft carrier carrier is showing off a new Boeing 787-8, which is a slightly larger version of the 737.

By 2030, Boeing expects to have delivered 20 737 MAXs, the new aircrafts are a key part of that growth plan.

More: Baker Hughes CEO Mark Raimondi said Boeing will start producing 737 MAX models in 2019 and then add to the production capacity with the MAX MAX in 2020.

Raimondis company said the MAX will have an estimated operating life of 40 years.

When the 737 is finished, Boeing hopes it will become the second-largest airliner in the world.

And as Boeing continues to ramp up production of the MAX, Raimonds goal is to be able produce more MAXs in a short period of time.

That will enable Boeing to meet Boeing’s goal of building 300 MAXs per year.

What you need to know about Boeing 777X: The 777X is Boeing’s newest plane and is the smallest airliner Boeing has built.

Its 737 MAX and 787 MAX models are the worlds first nonstop transatlantic passenger jet and Boeing is expanding the MAX line to include a larger plane, the 777.

For the 777, Boeing is working with Airbus Group to use the 737 and MAX to expand its domestic and international operations.

If all goes according to plan, Boeing may be able meet its goal of making 300 MAX planes per year by 2020.