How to use the sterlite technology in your home

A new type of glass that can protect against flu and other diseases.

A new type a glass made with sterlite and that is being used to protect against respiratory infections and other ailments in homes.

It is also one of the first in the world to be able to withstand flu pandemics and other natural disasters.

Glass for homesMMB/Shutterstock/Shoppers at the mall in Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, the FDA approved the first of three clinical trials that show the glass can be used to block the flu virus from spreading.

The FDA also approved the product for use in homes, and it is now available to order.

The FDA says the glass is resistant to most viruses.

It can be made of glass and is one of two glass products approved by the FDA.

A study published in the Journal of Fluids and Radiological Health showed that glass could be made to protect patients from a number of common respiratory infections including pneumonia, bronchitis, and influenza.

In its latest report, the CDC says the FDA’s approval of the sterlites for home uses “is an important step forward in our ability to prevent future pandemic flu outbreaks.”

It’s also a step toward the future of flu vaccines that can be developed by commercial firms and sold to the general public. 

The FDA has approved sterlite glass as a potential vaccine.

“This is another important milestone in the development of the FDA-approved sterlite vaccine,” said Dr. David Wainwright, director of the Division of Vaccine Delivery Systems at the FDA in a statement.

“This new type has the potential to protect millions of people against flu, pandemic and other life-threatening respiratory illnesses and other common illnesses and to help prevent future flu outbreaks and pandemic flu.” 

It’s not yet clear whether the FDA will approve the product in the United States, but it may soon.

The FDA issued the initial two-year license to a small number of companies in November, and the FDA is expected to finalize the approval of a third license by the end of the year.