Google Docs 2.0: Get to work on your documents with Docs 3.0

Google DocS3 is the next generation of the company’s popular mobile Docs application, but it isn’t the first to do so.

In fact, it is actually the latest version of Google Doc’s mobile apps to be released under the same name. 

So, what’s new in Google Doc 3.x?

There are two major new features added to Google Doc that have been announced in Docs3.x. 

Firstly, Docs will be supporting Google Translate as part of Google Translator. 

Google Translate is the standard translation system used by most companies that are trying to translate documents from a foreign language to English.

In Google Translated, a person can choose the language they want to translate into, and then Google will translate the text from that language into Google Doc. 

The Google Translations are available to all users of Docs, meaning that any person who wants to can create their own Docs translation app and bring it to the Google Play Store. 

Additionally, Google will be expanding its Docs API, which has long been an open source project.

The Docs APIs allow developers to create and integrate with Doc, making it easy to build applications for the platform. 

In addition to Docs’ translation capabilities, Google has also added the ability to embed Google Doc in apps for Android and iOS, so that users can read their documents in their native language. 

If you’re using Google Doc to write, edit, share or manage your documents, you should definitely take a look at Google Doc 2.x, as it has all of the same features that Docs offered previously, and is available now for free.