What’s new in MMB’s new $40m ‘MmbSmart’ smartwatch?

mmbs smartwatch, the first smartwatch to be announced at CES 2017, will come with a new, premium feel to it.

The MMB Smartwatch is a “smartwatch that looks good and feels good,” said Mmb founder and CEO, Alexi Gershon.

“We know how to build a beautiful watch and it feels good.”

The smartwatch’s main exterior design includes a glass display and a circular face, which is the same as the Google Watch.

It will also be available with a metal case, which can be made of anodized aluminum, or anodizing carbon fiber.

The watch also includes a new sensor to measure heart rate, temperature, and light.MMB is currently developing its smartwatch for the US market.

“For our US market, we have two major options: one is to invest in our own manufacturing plant, and the other is to manufacture the product in-house,” Gerson said.

“But the choice is yours to make.”

The company says that it has made the choice to invest money into its manufacturing and supply chain.

“In fact, we already have a factory that can manufacture our products and we’ve already begun testing prototypes,” Genshon said.

The company’s smartwatch will be available in two colors: white and black.

Gersons team will be focusing on white and will not be able to announce colors at this time.

Mmb’s smart watch will be offered in both black and white, and will be a bit different from Google’s smart watches.

It’ll have the same heart rate sensor, which will measure a variety of things like the amount of time that a person is awake, the temperature of their body, and other metrics, but will also measure the wearer’s temperature when resting, eating, exercising, or playing video games.

Mbs smartwatch is not the first wearable smartwatch.

Earlier this year, a new smartwatch called Mmb Smart Watch was launched, which uses Mmb’s technology.