Dynamatic Technologies to take on MMB Technologies

MMB is one of the leading providers of dynamical technologies in the United States, including solar thermal, hydroelectric and battery-electric generation.

With more than 15 years of experience, MMB has been developing technologies that are helping companies move from a traditional electricity-generating, fossil-fuel-using to a clean energy-based system.MMB is now poised to compete with other companies, like the US government-backed SolarCity, which is now being acquired by Tesla, for customers who want to buy solar energy from a company that produces renewable energy, but isn’t tied to a utility.

In a regulatory filing, MIB says it’s developing new technologies that will provide customers with a choice between power from an energy-efficient source or a grid-connected solar energy system.

The new technologies, which are expected to be ready by the end of 2018, will “offer customers an opportunity to receive a better quality of service, while still providing a cost advantage over the traditional grid-based energy generation systems,” according to the filing.

The filing goes on to say that the new technologies will be able to offer the same benefits as a traditional energy-generator, but at lower prices, which would allow MMB to compete directly with solar-powered power companies such as SolarCity.

“Our technology offers competitive pricing for our customers and is competitive with the energy-saving technology offered by SolarCity,” the filing states.MIB is developing technologies for a number of applications, including rooftop solar systems that use energy generated by rooftop solar panels, but it’s also looking to build its solar energy infrastructure in homes, offices and businesses.

The company said that its existing technology can also be applied to existing buildings, which will allow it to be cheaper than competing technologies.

Mmb said that it expects the new technology to become a competitive advantage for its customers.

“The technologies that MMB will be developing will provide a competitive cost advantage to customers as well as lower our operating costs,” said MMB CEO Mike Latham.MGB has also begun work on a new type of grid-integrated solar power system that will have a higher efficiency than traditional power systems, such as solar thermal.

The MGB system will use a mix of energy generated from rooftop solar and distributed solar, which means that the system will be more efficient than a traditional grid system.

“We’re excited to see the technology develop as the technology becomes more available and more affordable,” Latham said in a statement.

Mumba, the startup behind the solar-thermal technology that MGB is developing, is currently in talks with the US Department of Energy to get its solar-based power system built and operational, according to Latham, who noted that Mumba already has a manufacturing facility in the US.

MumbA, which recently raised $1.1 million in funding from SolarCity and the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is looking to move to the United Kingdom, which it hopes to start building in the next two years.

“The world needs energy independence and a clean, renewable energy economy, and the world needs a new source of energy,” said Latham in a press release.

“MMB Technologies is an exciting addition to our team to be working on innovative technologies to make it easier for Americans to get the energy they need.”MMB has already acquired energy storage and utility-scale solar power technology companies, including SolarCity’s NextGen, and plans to launch its own energy-storage system.