‘Blessed’ for Ligue 1’s new technology: Alain Vigneault

By Football Italian staff A new technology called Ligue One-specific Mmb technologies is to be introduced to France’s top flight in the coming years.

The new technology was designed to reduce the strain on players and referees during the games by reducing the amount of time between tackles and interceptions.

The technology, developed by Mmb Technologies, is to replace the old, cumbersome equipment.

The technology will be tested at Ligue 2 and will be made available to the clubs by 2022.

Mmb Technologies CEO Jean-Pierre Beaulieu told ESPN Sport: “For years the referee has been working on his feet and has to react when a ball is put in front of him and when the ball is kicked, or when he is about to kick the ball.

The new technology will help him to react faster and be more flexible.”

I think it will be possible to use it in Ligue 0 and the second division, so we will be able to play with it.

“The new system is currently being tested in France at L’Equipe, Ligue de France, Lille, Lorient, Monaco and Marseille.